Therapeutic Music and Healing Arts
Deep Encounters
Explore, release, create
Music exploration may be what breaks you free into discovering the unlimitless YOU!  There are no tried and true formulas or standard protocols.  We meet, we talk, we explore through music.  No music talent required!!!  It's like playing with a sand try.  We explore memories, feelings, dream images, ideas, goals, and more through music.  No rules.   No right.  No wrong.  
Delving deep, feeling deep, living deep
Music making made easy
Lessons are designed for the person.  I attempt to accommodate your goals and dreams.  There are not right and wrong ways of expressing or learning music. If your dream is for pure enjoyment of playing or singing regardless of others' perceptions of quality, then that's our focus.  If your goal is to gain confidence while performing in front of others, then we have our mission.  My goal is to make learning music fun, enjoyable, entertaining, and applicable to your specific desires, dreams, and goals.  I beleive my training as a music therapist assists me in helping you be whatever you want to be through music.
The Joy of Expression through Music!!!
Relax, de-stress, attune
Receiving a Reiki treatment is one of the ultimate indulgences in life.  The Reiki practitioner asks you what the purpose of your visit may be.  It may be for relaxation or you may be feeling some physical discomfort for which you would like some relief.  You lie on a massage-type table, with soothing music playing in the background.  The Reiki practitioner completes a full body scan during which s/he may talk to about her/his findings.  You have the choice of a hands-on or hands-off treatment. During a hand-on treatment, the Reiki practitioner places her/his hands non-invasively on specific body parts, your head, legs, arms, and stomach.  During hands-off treatment, the practitioner holds her/his hands a few inches above your body.  During the treatment, recorded music is playing that the practitioner has selected based on your pre-treatment discussion.  Sessions are typically an hour in length.
Relaxation through Reiki and Music.